“In the end it all comes down to the art of breathing.” -Martha Graham

When I teach a yoga class I always say: “the most important thing is your breathing.” It really is. It doesn’t matter how far we go into a forward bend or if we fall in a balance pose. Our breathing and the presence toward ourselves matters.

Deep breathing not only soothes the nervous system, bring emotional release, relaxes the body, releases serotonin in the brain, strengthen our immune system, stimulates our vagus nerve, but it also bring us a sense of being grounded in our body and self.

Long deep breathing has a way of bringing us back to the moment. It grounds us and creates space. It’s nourishing. It opens up. It creates softness.

Our breathing is a tool for our well being and a guide to how we feel. Stay close to your breathing both in your practice and in everyday life.

Namaste, Helén