I love observing the sky, how it shifts and changes.

Just like us.

This is a very helpful thing to keep in mind as we step onto our yoga mat. Our practice never feels the same. Our body change and shift. Our mind change and shift.

With that comes the practice of being present to what is.


To accept where we are in the practice. To accept what we feel. Both in practice and life.

Acceptance is closely tied to the Yama, Aparigraha. Aparigraha invites us to let go. Letting go of a certain outcome. Letting go of a perfect practice. Letting go of how it should look and feel.

When I started up my yoga practice after my daughter Sonja was born I had a hard time accepting how I felt. I felt weak. My muscle felt tight. I felt dis-connected. I was fighting the present and I could only think about how strong I used to be. I wanted my body to be different. I was working against it, not with it.

One day I said to myself that I just had to let go of what was. Accepting the new. It was not easy at first, I had to be really mindful and present. Gratitude really helped me. Gratitude over my body and what it had gone through. A pregnancy and a caesarean.

The more I started to accept and letting go of the outcome I began to enjoy my practice again. I started to feel better. My body felt less tight. I felt less stressed.

Where ever you are in your practice, just accept. What ever was, let it go. Now is now. We shift and change just like the moon and sky.

Be grateful for you. Be grateful for your body.

Our practice is a beautiful process. Stick with it. Let it help you letting go. Let it help you accept.

With Love,