This online practice is dedicated to the art of living yoga and providing you with inspiration, exercises and tools for a flexible home practice. Here you can explore meditations, yoga flow, movements, breathing exercises, and inspiring tools for bringing the power of yoga into the flow of everyday life.
I began my yoga journey in 1998. I started my practice to heal a back injury from dancing. What I first came to love about yoga was that I could listen and explore. Trust my body. I learned how to breathe. Since then I've tried many different styles with many different teachers. What I came to love the most was the vinyasa style. My whole life has been about movements, rhythm, flow and breath. It made sense.

I came to a point in my practice when I felt an urge to share the beauty of yoga so I signed up for a yoga teacher training. Then another one and another one.
I am passionate about spreading the power of yoga and movement, and helping women tap into their body strength and wisdom. A regular yoga practice will enhance your whole being. It will help you to gradually cultivate strength, flexibility and stamina in your whole body. Develop fluidity, stability and balance. Embody wellness, vitality and life-presence.
This online yoga practice is to inspire women to move, breathe more fully, embody a practice that bring wellness, vitality and greater life-presence.
I invite you to join me on this journey of living yoga, regenerating self-care, movement, breath and empowerment.
Namaste, Helén